• Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Parent/child conflict

  • Self-esteem

  • Navigating peer relationships/issues   

  • ADHD

  • Separation/divorce/re-marriage

  • Managing school stress

  • Foster care and adoption

  • Grief & loss

  • Childhood trauma and abuse/witnessing violence

It is common for children, like adults, to experience emotional ups and downs characterized by feelings of sadness, fear and anger.

These reactions tend to be short-lived, however, sometimes a child’s response (symptoms related to changes in behavior, mood, aggression, sleep, bedwetting, nightmares, appetite, opposition, school performance and social relationships) to life’s stresses can become severe, and parents’ attempts to help their child may not be enough. A family as a whole may be experiencing a difficult time (separation, divorce, death, or a move) or other times it is not clear what has caused the change in behavior. 

​If you have noticed any of these changes in your child, professional 

Families play an important role in children’s healing process.  Whether the modality of treatment is individual or family therapy, we consider parental involvement a crucial component of every child’s treatment. Beginning in the first session, parents will provide information concerning their child’s development, behavior, and relationships.  You certainly know your child better than we do, so we will rely on your assistance to allow us to best help your child.  We collaborate with parents and children to create goals for treatment. 

Child, Adolescent, Adult, and Family Therapy
Child, Adolescent, Adult, and Family Therapy

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assistance may be warranted.  It is important that changes like these are addressed as soon as possible to foster healthy development, learning, and positive relationships. 

Understandably, parents can feel overwhelme d by everything in their lives they are juggling and then in addition, their concern for their child and/or family’s well-being.  Everyone needs help sometimes, it is okay to ask for help, and it is brave that you are already taking the first step towards positive change for your child and family.

Please call to discuss how we can help your child and/or family at 312.919.0002.  

We are also available for school consultations and assistance with IEPs (Individualized Education Plans) or 504 Plans. 

​​​Our clients appreciate our relational therapeutic approach that is 

strength-based, supportive, and collaborative. We utilize elements of child parent psychotherapy, talk psychotherapy, play therapy, behavior management, cognitive behavioral therapy, and art therapy, tailored to meet your child and/or family’s specific needs.  These therapy modalities provide your child with a non-judgmental, safe environment in which to explore and express their feelings in a way that feels comfortable to them.  It helps them learn more adaptive skills and behaviors where there are emotional problems.  It can also help children learn and enhance their social skills and increase positive relationships with their family, friends, and teachers.    

 We also provide family therapy.  Family therapy provides an opportunity for everyone in the family to openly share their thoughts and feelings in a safe environment.  Often family counseling sessions involve clarifying family expectations and roles.  Family sessions can be helpful in increasing and improving communication between family members.  

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We help children, adolescents, and families experiencing stress related to:  

Curry Counseling LLC  |  312.919.0002

10024 Skokie Boulevard, Suite 211
Skokie, IL 60077

​Curry Counseling LLC  |  312.919.0002

10024 Skokie Boulevard, Suite 211, Skokie, IL 60077